Vamadeva’s Hindu Human Rights Website Articles

Vamadeva has a number of important posted and well-illustrated articles on the popular UK Hindu Human Rights website covering a variety of topics relating to Hinduism, Modern India and the Vedas, as noted below:

Narendra Modi and Barack Obama: A New Vision for World Hinduism

India Reborn, the Promise of a New Era

Is Hinduism a Monotheistic Religion?

Decrypting Vedic Symbolism/

Karma and Reincarnation in the Rigveda/

Stanley Samartha Memorial Lecture on Pluralism Within Hinduism/

Yogic Ecology and Mother Earth/

Devic and Asuric Forms of Mysticism/

Western Monoculture and Hindu Pluralism/

Hindu View of Drug Use/

Denigration of Hindu Images/

Myth of the Hindu Right/