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Main American publisher for Frawley’s books on Yoga, Ayurveda and Vedic astrology. Books of Vasant Lad, Sunil Joshi, Edward Tarabilda, Michael Tierra, Amadea Morningstar, Dennis Harness and others as well as American editions of Sri Aurobindo’s works. Note InterNatural under Ayurvedic resources for Ayurvedic products. PO Box 325, Twin Lakes WI 53181
800-824-6396/(262) 889-8561
(262) 889-8591

Publishes Vedantic Meditation by David Frawley. Has many titles on health, healing, spirituality, ecology and philosophy, including some on Ayurveda. PO Box 12327, Berkeley CA 94712 Ph: 800-337-2665, (510)-559-8277, Fax (510)-559-8279

One of the most important and dynamic modern Hindu movements, led by Pramukh Swami, with beautiful temples in Delhi, Ahmdebad (Gujarat), London (Neasdon), Chicago, Houston and Atlanta. Vamadeva has worked closely with this organization over the last more than fifteen years, including on his recent book published by them: Hidden Horizon’s: Unfolding 10,000 Years of Indian Culture. Note their wonderful temple displays and their movie, Swami Narayan, narrated by Peter O’Toole.