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  • The Shiva Linga and its Meaning

    Note an expansion of this article in the book of David Frawley: Inner Tantric Yoga: Working with the Universal Shakti (Lotus Press, September 2008) The sexual symbolism of Tantra, like the subject of sexuality in general, has always engaged the human mind. The modern mind seems to be obsessed with it as well. Many people […]

  • Linguistics and Civilization

    By David Frawley (Pandit Vamadeva Shastri) The proposed Aryan Invasion or Migration into India that most history books present as a fact so far has not yet yielded any solid evidence to support it. There is no archaeological, genetic, or literary evidence that shows it to be the case. On the contrary, existing evidence is […]

  • historyart

    The Need to Rewrite the History of India

    Adapted from Hinduism and the Clash of Civilizations by David Frawley (Vamadeva Shastri) History is Always Being Rewritten In recent years, the government of India and several state governments have decided to revise history books, particularly relative to the ancient period, bringing up recent data that calls into question the Aryan invasion and the many […]

  • The Europeanization of the Vedas and its Distortions

    Abstract: By David Frawley. Modern western examination of the Vedas, and through the Vedas the ancient history of India, has been colored by the search for an original European identity, the so-called Aryans. This has led to Indian history and tradition being subordinated to a proposed Indo-European people and culture placed in Europe or nearby […]

  • An Ecological View of Ancient India

    By David Frawley, first published in the Hindu in 2002, one of India’s main national newspapers. History and Ecology Ecology is beginning to define how we look at the world and how we look at ourselves. Each geographical region in the world constitutes a special ecosystem – an interrelated habitat for plants and animals shaped […]

  • Myth of Aryan Invasion Update 2001

    Preface to 2001 Edition of Myth of the Aryan Invasion by David Frawley and Update Note on-line and video editions of original book at our on-line books section Since the first publication of this book (Myth of the Aryan Invasion) in 1994, there have been many new discoveries in the field that uphold its basic […]

  • Myth of Aryan Invasion Update 2005

    Note on-line and video editions of original book at our on-line books section The Myth of the Aryan Invasion was first written in 1994 in order to summarize important new information on the ancient history of India that refutes commonly held views on the subject inherited from the nineteenth century. It was a condensation of […]

  • Hidden Horizons: Unearthing 10,000 Years of Indian Culture, Preface

    Author’s Preface for Hidden Horizons: Unearthing 10,000 Years of Indian Culture. Published by the Swaminarayan order (http://www.swaminarayan.org/) for Delhi temple historical display www.akshardham.com/whattosee/boatride/index.htm). For book www.swaminarayan.org/publications/books/hiddenhorizons.htm). UK ordering for book http://www.goldentours.co.uk/hidden_horizons/ The idea for following book arose after a special meeting between the two authors and seven Swamis of the Swami Narayan order, at the […]

  • Archaeology On-Line Articles

    This extensive website contains a series of important articles by David Frawley and his colleagues on the new view of ancient India from a variety of perspectives. Sanskritization: A New Model of Language Development: By David Frawley Examines the issues of the spread of Indo-European Languages. Indic Language Families: By Subhash Kak Examines the place […]

  • vedicperiod

    Vedic Origins of the Europeans: the Children of Danu

    By David Frawley (Pandit Vamadeva Shastri) This article shows how the Proto-European Aryans, like the Celts, were originally a Vedic people called the Danavas or Sudanavas (good Danavas) connected to Vedic kings, sages and yogis. It is adapated from Frawley’s Rig Veda and the History of India. Many ancient European peoples, particularly the Celts and […]