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  • The Gunas, Attributes of Life

    The following article is authored by Yogi Baba Prem (Tom Beal) Veda Visharada CYI, C.ay, C.va http://www.floridavedicinstitute.com/ The Sanskrit word “guna” means attribute. These “attributes” serve as a powerful indicator and formulator of the physical principles of the earth. The concept of guna, is one of the more important teachings from India. These attributes provide […]

  • soma

    The Secret of the Soma Plant

    Note: the following article is based upon Vamadeva’s extensive study of Vedic texts in the original Sanskrit and his work with Ayurveda and herbs. Soma is a great deity, cosmic power and spiritual principle in Vedic thought. It also had its counterpart in the plant kingdom. There has been a long search for the identity […]

  • Secrets of the Five Pranas

    Following article by David Frawley adopted from his book Yoga and Ayurveda: Self-Healing and Self-realization All that exists in the three heavens rests in the control of Prana. As a mother her children, oh Prana, protect us and give us splendor and wisdom. – Prashna Upanishad II.13 To change something we must alter the energy […]

  • agnideva

    Agni Ayurveda

    The following David Frawley (Pandit Vamadeva Shastri) is taken from his book Yoga and the Sacred Fire: Self-Realization and PlanetaryTransformation (Lotus Press) The role of fire is well known in traditional systems of medicine, which use the great elements of nature for healing purposes. However, one system in particular is built around a profound understanding […]

  • ayurasana

    The Ayurvedic Effects of Asana Practice

    From the book Yoga for Your Type by David Frawley and Sandra Kozak (Lotus Press) According to the philosophy of Yoga, the physical body is a manifestation of consciousness. It is a crystallization of karmic (behavioral) patterns created by the mind. The key to working with the body, therefore, is to understand the consciousness behind […]

  • marma

    Marma Points and the Practice of Yoga

    From the book Ayurveda and Marma Therapy by Frawley, Ranade and Lele (Lotus Press) Marmas and Pratyahara: Marmas as Control Points The main aspect of Yoga practice that actively considers the use of marmas is the practice of Pratyahara, which is the fifth branch of Yoga. Pratyahara mediates between the outer factors of Yoga, which […]

  • gunas

    The Three Gunas: How to Balance Your Consciousness

    By David Frawley (Vamadeva Shastri) We live in a magical universe filled with great forces of life and death, creation and destruction. Divine powers can be found everywhere to lift us into a greater peace and understanding. But undivine forces are also ever present, working to lure us down further into confusion and attachment. Truth […]

  • ayumind

    Ayurveda and the Mind: An Overview

    By David Frawley (Vamadeva Shastri) Ayurveda is inherently a psychological as much as it is a physical system of medicine. Its scope of practice includes both physical (sharirika) and mental (manasika) diseases. Therefore, we cannot really understand Ayurveda without looking at its view of the mind and consciousness. The examination of the mind and psychological […]

  • Inner Experience Leads Me to Ma Tara

    Inner Experience Leads Me to Ma Tara From the book, Yogini, Unfolding the Goddess Within by Shambhavi Chopra (Wisdom Tree Books,www.wisdomtreeindia.com). Author’s website: www.shambhavi-yogini.com ”Saktivikase tu siva eva” – Pratyabhijnahrdayam On the unfolding of Sakti, one becomes Siva. At the early hour of Brahma Muhurta, the sacred time of Brahman, on a beautiful, still dawn […]

  • Yogini, the Enlightened Woman

    From the book, Yogini, Unfolding the Goddess Within by Shambhavi Chopra “Aham Prema” I am Divine Love In the Bhavani-nama-sahasra (the Thousand Names of the Goddess Bhavani) as beautifully explained by Pandit Jankinath Kaul, “A Yogini is one who is possessed of magical powers.” Para Shakti, the Supreme Shakti, in the form of Durga is […]