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  • consciousness

    Our Life Movement in Consciousness

    Exclusive to American Institute of Vedic Studies by Dr. David Frawley To be able to perceive the reality of who we are and what this marvelous universe is about, we must first realize that in our ordinary human state of mind that we are not truly conscious or aware. We are not aware of who […]

  • dhanteras

    Why India will be celebrating National Ayurveda Day on Dhanteras

    On Lord Dhanvantari’s birth anniversary, let us open ourselves to the power of healing within us. The following article by Dr David Frawley was first published by DailyO Ayurveda, India’s natural system of healing has spread worldwide as an innovative and comprehensive system of mind-body medicine. Wherever yoga has gone, ayurveda is now following as […]

  • cosmos

    Astrology as a Spiritual Science

    From the Classic Text “Astrology of the Seers” by Dr. David Frawley Astrology should be a spiritual science. Our birth chart is a mirror of our soul and its particular incarnation. In our stars we see the growth and evolution of our inner being from life to life. This does not mean that we can […]

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    AYURVEDIC LIFE REGIMENS: Your Key to Complete Well-being

    From Dr. David Frawley’s Classic text AYURVEDIC HEALING Sattvic Living All human beings should follow a sattvic or pure life‑style that gives peace and clarity of mind. The remedial measures in Ayurveda are generally of a sattvic (harmonious) nature. Physical purity includes pure diet, with raw or freshly cooked vegetarian food, pure air and water, […]

  • ramarajya

    How India can establish Ram Rajya today

    Let us embrace the cause of Dharma on earth and give up the conflict and duality caused by adharma. The following article by Dr David Frawley was first published by DailyO. Sri Rama is the ideal ruler whose image has dominated the history of India. He is the avatar of Dharma, which is right action, […]

  • durga

    The Meaning Of Durga

    This article by Dr David Frawley was first published by Swarajya.  No country in the world demonstrates such enduring reverence for the Great Mother Goddess, as does India. The Goddess is celebrated in every form, aspect and quality, through music, art, ritual, mantra and meditation. She is honoured in women, the Earth, nature and the […]

  • Painting of Hindu deity of Goddess Durga Mahishasur Mardini, Sri Mariamman Temple, Singapore

    Who is Goddess Durga and why we celebrate Navratras

    She is protective form of Shakti, burning up all ignorance, as her fiery nature energises our highest motivation. The following article by Yogini Shambhavi Devi was first published by Daily O The Devi-Mahatmya (Greatness of the Goddess) glorifies the Mother Goddess as the embodiment of the Earth, in which she sustains, nurtures and cares for […]