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Important website will a variety of dynamic articles and well known writers on spiritual, social and culture issues in India, including columnists Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Bijendra Kumar, Kanchan Gupta, Ilaxi Patel, Brooke Allen, Melwin Durrai, Shekhar Kapur, N.S. Rajaram, Mahesh Prabhu, and David Frawley.

India’s best portal for culture, heritage, mysticism, politics, philosophy, arts, and current affairs.

Source of Vedic Astrology, bimonthly journal by K.S. Charak. Excellent publication on Vedic astrology that all serious students should have, a great learning tool. Also a source of good new books on Vedic astrology.

72 Gagan Vihar, Delhi – 110 051, India. Ph: 91-11-224 3563, Email:

Genevieve Ryder, Editor, Main Ayurvedic Journal published in the United States, has on-line resources as well. Important resource for all Ayurvedic students and practitioners.

Excellent new web portal and magazine showing the relevance of India’s spiritual and cultural heritage to global development and the planetary age. A dynamic and transformative vision. Please register and join the many important discussions and networking items.

Important new free digital Global Astro Magazine, probably the best on the net. Excellent articles and resources.

Magazine of Sringeri Shankaracharya Math, India, under the guidance of Shankaracharya Bharati Tirtha. One of the best sources of Vedantic teachings. T.R.Ramachandran, Editor.

Important journal of world affairs coming out of India, with new perspectives and deeper philosophical approaches. J.C. Kapur, director. Frawley writes occassional articles for the journal.